Saturday, November 10, 2012

Uberstrike Cheat

Quite often cheats can be hard to get up and running, thankfully this latest hack for Uberstrike is a little simpler. Making this hack the first that does not require you to use fiddler or any other packet sniffing application. Built with the FBFla1 cheat macro engine it is a robust cheat tool with all packet spoofing done automatically for you. The cheat engine also gives a much wider range of flexibility when trying to get a cheat to work on a game. In fact the training mode of the cheat engine is so powerful it can be used to cheat on any browser based game out there. For most games it only takes a few games while in training mode to correctly pick up on the needed patches by watching certain offsets. But sometimes with more complicated cheats this can be a little time consuming. So we have pre made the Uberstrike Cheats macro to start you off. All macros are not protected or encrypted in any way so anyone is free to edit them to make their own variations. Start training mode with the /t switch in command line.

We would definitely recommend spending the time to learn this mode as it better to create your own cheats rather than wait for someone to upload them for free. When you get to grips with macro recording with the cheat tool there is very little limit to what you can create.

In the Uberstrike virtual world skill and speed is everything. The basic objective is to kill or splat as many other players as you can in the first person environment, Jump off high-rising platforms, swim, run, and hide to prevent others from taking you out. Taking part in tournaments with the rest of your Clan or just simply chatting with friends and of course the is the wide selection of weapons and protective gear to customize your character with. So there are many different types of cheats more you can create with the training mode. As this is a learning exercise though only more basic mods are currently included.

Of course you could just try to get good at Uberstrike without using any hacks or cheats. Rocket jumping is one technique used by many of the better players. At least that move is a lot simpler to do than you may first realise. To rocket jump walk forward and point your cannon at the ground directly below you and fire at the ground while simultaneously jumping. Once you are good at this you will be surprised how much this can help. You can even do this on the spring pads for even more height! Another trick used by the professionals is timing of Uberhealth and UberArmour respawns. While this sounds difficult once you know the correct timings it can become second nature to do this. The timing for UberHealth and UberArmour is 60 seconds but for Big Armour it is just 30 seconds. Once you have these timings down you will notice this is one of the better long term strategy's for doing well in a game. A good cheat is to gain these every time regardless of the timing and this is something that can be easily achieved with the cheat tool.

The basic package with Armour, Health and Dollars Uberstrike hacks can be downloaded by visiting the link below.

A word of warning as always when using any hack or cheat that gives you free dollars as this can lean to having your Facebook account banned. For safety only hack armour and health on your main account and have a dummy account for dollars. With a fake account you can get free dollars without the worry of losing your main one. It should be obvious then what you can do to help your main account.

More info on the cheat engine can be found on